With more than a decade of studying and writing on racial identity, Austin possesses tremendous dexterity and nimbleness for speaking about the complexities of race in America. Without sacrificing truth, she talks about race, pain, systemic inequality and the need for understanding, engagement and justice from a Christ-like, kingdom perspective. And in the end, she offers hope and affirmation that racial reconciliation -- though it be messy, though it be difficult, though it be lifelong -- is so, so worth it. 

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In addition to her blog, Austin is a regular contributor for Today's Christian Woman. Austin has also written for Relevant Magazine, Higher Calling, and Her.Maneutics. If you are you seeking a credible voice for a collection on racial justice, faith and reconciliation:

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"The thing that makes Austin such an important voice in the church right now is not just her sharp intellect or her unwavering commitment to speak difficult truths about race and religion in America - but it is also her beautiful heart. A heart that feels pain and love in equal measure and refuses to ignore either. This kind of work does not come without cost but she keeps showing up for it.  I'm proud to call her my friend" -Nadia Bolz Weber, Pastor of House for All Sinners and Saints and Author of Pastrix and Accidental Saints   

"I have watched Austin Brown masterfully work alongside me on college campuses around the country. Austin loves students and is a genuinely cross-cultural and ecumenical person. Her experience working in higher education with people from a variety of backgrounds enables her to work effectively with faculty, administrators and students in a mutually beneficial and respectful way." Dr. Brenda Salter McNeil, Professor,  Seattle Pacific University and Author of Roadmap to Reconciliation and Credible Witness

"What a great contribution Austin Brown made to The ONE Conference: Imagine! She is an engaging leader and astute facilitator around race, justice, and reconciliation ministry. With a deep sense of call, and her roots deep within the biblical justice traditions, Austin deposits rich content for engagement, and offers keen insights to the conversation while creating an environment where all voices can be heard. She has an undeniable commitment to reconciliation for the kingdom’s sake." Karen Young, Multicultural Ministries Specialist, The Salvation Army