Austin Channing Brown is a leading new voice on racial justice, and author of I'm Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness. Austin is committed to exploring the intersections of racial justice, faith and black womanhood. Her workshops are one of a kind, infused with justice, pop culture, humor, and truth-telling. Whether she is being interviewed, lecturing, or leading a workshop, Austin is sure to illicit a full range of emotions as she invites you to celebrate blackness with her. 

In order to book Austin for your next event contact Jim Chaffee of Chaffee Management. Or call 615-300-9699. 

Austin is always up for a reading/interview situation on her book. Its a fun way to invite conversation, ask questions, and enjoy the full measure of Austin's personality. She can absolutely work with you on interview questions to make the most of her time with you. She can also preach, keynote or give a lecture on racial justice. If you are looking for a workshop, here are fun options: 


Im Still Here
Did you love Austin’s book? In this workshop, you will get a live reading, a powerpoint presentation that walks through some important moments in the book, followed by a Q&A to unpack the themes that matter most to participants.  We will practice “naming whiteness, celebrating blackness, and in a  world still governed by systems of racial oppression, begin to see that there’s another way.” 

This workshop is for anyone who enjoyed the book, Im Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness. (Length: 1.5-2 hours) 


Beyonce Takes Us To Church
This workshop is a celebration of black womanhood. Beyonce is arguably the most well known pop star in the world. Six solo albums into her career, she has released content that is perhaps the most personal exploration of her own identity as a black woman. This workshop will use the visual album Lemonade to explore the themes of history, identity and faith as embodied and experienced by black women in America in the age of #BlackLivesMatter.  

This workshop is great for college students, young activists, and groups interested in finding the sacred in the secular. (Length: 1-2 hours)


Jesus, Justice & Jay Z
Thank God for Michelle Alexander’s book The New Jim Crow. We will use this text as a foundation for probing racial disparities in the criminal justice system, smashing myths about black criminality, and asking deep questions about our theology. Infused in all of this, we will also celebrate the storytellers of hip-hop who have been teaching us about the criminal justice system for decades. Come prepared to work because we wont just focus on national issues, we are going to talk about local issues too. 

This workshop is perfect for church groups, college students, and non-profit groups interested in being introduced to the racial dynamics of the criminal justice system. (Length: 2-4 hours) 


Walking in Peter’s Shoes
 Are you ready to tackle racial justice on a systemic level? In this workshop we will go step by step, analyzing the current state of racial justice in your organization, identifying where you want to be, and begin to lay out an action plan for achieving your goals. Using the book of Acts, we will put ourselves in Peter’s shoes and do the hard work of preparing to move forward in truth, love, and courage. 

This workshop is fantastic for church groups and non-profits ready to pursue systemic change. (Length: 4-6 hours)