engaging hope, a hope that demands

Our commitment to racial justice and reconciliation requires we dig into the muddiness of humanity, reckoning with the worst of our humanity as we call out its best. This work is not for the faint of heart. It requires hope. Not a hope founded on good feelings or good intentions, but hope that demands. For our hope is risky, relentless, rooted in our certainty that love will win. 




im writing a book 

With Convergent Books as my partner in stirring up a little holy trouble, Im going to write a book! Im just in the beginning stages, so she doesnt have a title yet, but stay turned! if you know me, it won't be a surprise that this book will live at the intersections of faith, race, and justice. I'm so scared and so thrilled! If you'd like to keep up with my journey, sign up for my newsletter below. Id love to share with you all the things I learn along the way when writing about such an important but difficult topic. 

the first Reading 

Just one day after the polarizing 2016 presidential election, I was scheduled to give my first  reading as a writer. The reading was based on draft chapters I wrote for my upcoming book. I finished editing the reading before the election results were known, but by the time I was standing on stage with microphones capturing every word, I wasnt sure I would make it through the piece. There were some stumbles and some tears, but there was also laughter and so much love in that room. Please take a listen by clicking the photo above.