We Lament

On Saturday morning we were schedule to have our third chat on Radical Reconciliation. But I have to be honest. I am not in a place to talk about reconciliation in any authentic way. The unfolding, unending nightmare of racial injustice and hatred is quite frankly overwhelming in this moment. 

But rather than cancel altogether, our friend, Kelley, had a great idea. Lets instead come together to lament. You can use prayers or poetry, Scripture or your own words. Just use #WeLament at the end of each post so we can all see the posts. Feel free to post all weekend long. 

This is, of course, only practice for what I hope we will all being doing in our community spaces. This is not a substitute for the power of lamentation in real life, but I hope it helps to practice in this space. 

We will figure out how and when to return to our book chat, but for now, we lament. 

Austin Brown