This is a space intended to support the work of the racial reconciliation, justice and women. Within these pages I hope you will find great tools, meaningful conversations, and faithful collaborators who will walk beside you as we all seek the shalom of our communities. 

This work was never meant to be done alone, and with the advent of this wonderful thing called the internet we can now reach far beyond our walls to embrace this work together. I love talking about the intersections of my race, gender and faith, but I am still learning, too. You may occasionally find more questions here than answers. I'm hoping we can figure out the answers together! 

So, go ahead and poke around! Using the links at the top, you'll find my blog, my bio, and a few links to recent sermons and podcasts. Before you leave, don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter, and head on over to Twitter and Facebook (links at the bottom) to keep in touch. 

Journeying Together, 


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